Stop Waiting For God To Help So You Won’t Have To.

One of the biggest problems I have with religion is the whole “everything happens for a reason”  mindset.   The only possible  reason I can see for children starving is to teach us that the Lord isn’t going to save anybody and that we need to get up off our stockpiles  and stop justifying their deaths  due to our greed and selfishness by calling them  “God’s  will”. 

To  set a  perpetual  war machine into motion,  and then  declare those  who  profit most from it   God’s most favored  is  the height of insanity.    It’s permanently stacking the deck and a lot like saying that gravity favors those who don’t fall.   Prayer as a form of concentrated energy may have some power, but since there are still children starving, it’s obviously not enough.  

We also see the corruption that takes place when greed and hypocrisy posing as charity results in government teaming up with “approved”  organizations and giving tax deductions.    That results in things like billions of dollars in donations  to charity  building ten houses in Haiti while “official” bureaucrats enrich themselves. People need to stop waiting for Jesus or  the government to save them and start taking responsibility for themselves and each other.  

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